It's 199X, you're in the driver seat. As you turn the key and hear the engine starting, a cassette plays on the stereo. The clear blue sky invites you to escape, to explore a world of exotic landscapes and thrilling races. Step on the gas, choose your path, drive across cities, mountains, deserts, forests, beaches — places from all over the world and beyond.

Slipstream is a racing game influenced and inspired by the OutRun series, SEGA games in general, Initial D, Vaporwave & Synthwave aesthetics and the spirit of 90s arcades. It uses a real pseudo3D engine to provide an authentic retro experience in a modern shell. After being funded via kickstarter in 2016 and delayed more times than the developer would like to admit, it was released independently for PC in 2018.


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Slipstream - The Original Soundtrack

"It sounds like it's something you've heard in a dream, like you're not listening to it, but imagining. I guess all music is supposed to sound like that. Also I'm on weed and flu pills so I don't really know" - YouTube Comment