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I build software.
You can find me on the twitters @troelskn

Hi, I'm Troels Knak-Nielsen, CTO and co-founder of THE FASHION, based in Copenhagen. We are building a search engine for womens fashion online.

We aggregate fashion from different retailers into a single, easy-to-use site. We started out in our local market in Denmark and the UK, but are now also listing US stores. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we crawl the retailer sites our selves, rather than rely on feeds. This makes a big difference in data quality.

When we started, we were initially two people, but quickly got the third person on board. The two of us had worked together before, but we knew the third founder through mutual friends. We have all worked in startups before. While I take hold of the technical side of the business, my two co-founders are respectively dealing with business development and funding and the other with content creation and shaping of the product. Apart from us founders, we have some outsourced development work and a couple of interns helping us out.

I always knew that black hat SEO was a thing, but never really thought much of it. Since we are a type of business that depends on organic traffic, I've come to realise that more or less shady link building is a part of the game.

Dealing with affiliate programs is a lot of work - If anyone has had any luck deeplinking to products, through their affiliate program, I would like to hear from you.